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Photo Courtesy of DCL (Fabricator), Design by Poulin+Morris
Photo Courtesy of DCL (Fabricator), Design by Poulin+Morris

Stop Bad Sign Codes Before they Start

Posted: 08/19/2020

ISA needs your help! Do you know  of any sign code revisions happening now in your community?

Despite the ongoing pandemic, many communities in our region are finding the time to revise and update their sign codes. Unfortunately, in many cases, ISA's advocacy team is finding out about these situations too late in the process to effectively represent our industry and have a positive impact.

When a community enacts sign code provisions that are unreasonable and unworkable, it hurts your business. As ISA's eyes and ears "on the ground," you often learn about these developments before we do, and we need your help getting ahead of the regulatory curve.

Since 2006, ISA has worked on hundreds of sign codes in communities across the country. A prime recent example is in Mesa, AZ, where local sign companies alerted ISA and the Arizona Sign Association early in the process, which gave us time to get our foot in the door, analyze the situation, meet repeatedly with local officials and get area businesses involved. These efforts eventually led to a new sign code that allowed for larger wall and ground sign sizes, permitted neon signs in downtown districts, and reduced the proposed EMC hold time from one hour to eight seconds. The end result was a sign code that promotes community values, enhanced the ability of local retailers to advertise, and increased the potential of local sign companies to grow their business.

If you know of a local community that is considering revising its sign code, or in the midst of working on it, or even just needs to improve it, please immediately contact ISA's David Hickey so that we can work with local officials and local member sign companies to make sure our industry's interests are represented.

When we learn about these sign code developments in time, ISA can either stop a bad proposal or get business-friendly language passed. Either way helps your bottom line!

To help this process, please share any sign code revisions you're aware that are happening in your community with