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Sign Code Development

If you have worked to improve a sign code in your community, then you know firsthand that such work can often be extremely complex and difficult. It’s a process that can take up too much of your valuable time and resources. Outdated, confusing or restrictive sign codes can prevent you from getting your customers the signs they need — and hurt your company’s bottom line.

That’s why ISA spends a significant amount of time and resources educating local officials about how effective sign regulations can benefit business and communities.

“After I got the call on Friday, ISA immediately jumped on an evaluation and had a long list of talking points by Sunday night. ISA’s letter and team credentials were pivotal in the zoning commission backing off of their proposal, stopping and scheduling work meetings with the industry. In essence, this thing is now stopped and being reconsidered – thanks to ISA.” 

– Jeff Young, YESCO


ISA staff travel across the country to help local officials develop better sign codes. We’ve been successful in many communities across the United States.

In addition to improving sign codes, ISA also provides these 1-on-1 services for free for ISA sign company members:

  • Getting a sign permitted
  • Navigating a local ordinance
  • Finding the latest licensing requirements
  • Figuring out what UL standards apply
  • Learning how to comply with the latest federal regulations

David Hickey
VP, Advocacy

James Carpentier, AICP
Director, State & Local Government

Kenny Peskin
Director, Industry Programs


ISA can help make your job easier by providing resources and expertise to educate yourself and local officials. Use these planner resources to help planners better understand the value of signs and reasonable sign regulations.