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National Labor Relations Board

What’s new: In late 2023, the NLRB redefined joint employment, affecting employers who regularly use or provide temporary workers or subcontractors. These changes can affect routine issues like confidentiality, investigations, at-will employment and handbooks.

What it means: The NLRB decision means that sign companies that hire installers could be held directly responsible for labor law violations by the subcontractors, and sign companies that serve as subcontractors could find control of their own companies weakened. The NLRB’s decision also threatens sign industry franchises, as it potentially makes franchisors responsible for franchisee employees. Franchisees also could be impacted by labor union action against the franchisor.

ISA opposes the NRLB decision, which will disrupt business and labor practices in the sign and graphics industry. ISA’s opposition includes participating in coalitions with like-minded manufacturing and small business groups in Washington DC, and by providing comments to the NRLB urging the administration not to enact the proposed regulation.

The NLRB’s new rule takes affect on February 26, 2024.


David Hickey
VP, Advocacy

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