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Codes & Regulations

If you need help getting a sign permitted, or navigating a local ordinance, or finding the latest licensing requirements, or figuring out what UL standards apply, or learning how to comply with the latest federal regulations, you’ve come to the right place! These are all services that we provide for free for ISA members.

We even have a “Help Desk” for ISA members at which you can get almost any difficult, random, unique question researched and answered by our team of experts.

But that’s not all – if a community where you do business has an unreasonable sign code and you want us to try and open it up a bit, let us know and we’ll do it – again, free of charge.

And if you have a particularly tough situation for which you need to obtain a variance for your customer, we can offer our expertise at a very competitive, discounted price for members

“I have worked with the ISA Advocacy team for advice and permitting assistance on several projects, and they’ve been responsive and effective in helping us get the job done for our customers. The assistance received is totally worth price of membership!”

Jim Sutterfield
Signs Plus


James is a certified planner by trade, which gives us a credible and knowledgeable voice when we are working with local officials. James has been with ISA since 2011.

Kenny grew up in the sign industry, so he has a vast understanding of the technical and regulatory issues involved with signs. Kenny has been with ISA since 2008.

David spent years working in the US House of Representatives and in the U.S. Senate, and has been with ISA since 2006.

Between the three ISA Advocacy staffers, there are decades of experience working on the regulatory issues that affect sign companies and signs, and we’ve worked on just about every possible code situation that you can imagine. All you have to do is contact us and all our expertise and all our resources will be at your fingertips.