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Educating Your Local Officials

Often the only way that local government officials can learn a different perspective about sign regulations is through ISA education.

ISA offers sessions, webinars and workshops specifically for planners and local government officials. Since 2011, more than 8,500 local government officials have participated in 99 ISA sessions, webinars and workshops in 37 states!

“ISA’s programs and educational seminars for the planners at the building departments is a huge benefit that they are providing to our entire industry to educate planners.”

Annette Southern
Atlas Sign Industries


Many local government officials have taken what they learned at these ISA educational events and applied it in their own communities, resulting in improved sign codes across the country.

Let your local officials know about these ISA programs that will help them learn about the latest legal, technical and policy developments regarding sign regulations so that sign companies can protect and grow their business:

  • ISA Sessions and SRF Webinars: Planners can learn about sign code issues directly from ISA’s sign code experts, while earning certification maintenance (CM) credits needed to maintain their professional certification.
  • ISA’s “Vital Signs” News: Online guidance specifically for planners and local officials who draft, debate and enforce sign ordinances. Your local planner can sign up to receive updates at Vital Signs.
  • ISA’s Planning for Sign Code SuccessTM: Local planners can network with their area colleagues, receive the latest SRF research, earn CM credits and learn about sign code issues directly from ISA sign code experts at these in-person workshops around the country.
  • In-Person at Local Official Events: Signs and sign research are front and center in ISA presentations to hundreds of local officials at the American Planning Association (APA) and International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) events. Planners and electrical inspectors meet with ISA in their booth to talk face-to-face about sign code and enforcement issues in their communities.

Find specific resources for your local planner related to: