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November 3-4, 2021 | Virtual 

An ISA Experience Connecting National Sign Companies & Installers

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Have questions about attending THE LINK...INSTALL?

Browse our FAQ pages for helpful checklists, appointment information and more. 

FAQ's - Local Companies 

FAQ's - National Companies

WHEN: November 3-4, 2021 (Local Sign & Install Companies participate one of the two days, either Wednesday OR Thursday - you choose which day works best for you!)

WHERE: Your home or office - it's virtual.

HOW MUCH: $449 (ISA Member Price) / $599 (Non-Member Price) - an amount that could easily be recouped with one good conversation at this event!  BONUS: No travel expenses. Please note you can add up to three staff members to your registration at no additional charge. 

WHY: Installers - There's no other event that does more for your long-term business success. Most attendees recieve contracts or proposals just days after the event thanks to our personalized matchmaking experience. You complete your company profile and we do the rest! 

Registration is now closed. 


This is the ONLY event that connects national sign companies to local sign and install companies across North America. National sign companies are seeking long-term install partners, installers are looking for lucrative new business relationships, and we're here to help bring everyone together! 

National sign companies need to support the local installation and maintenance project needs of their major clients with projects ranging from  channel letters, wide-format graphics, electrical installations, and more depending on the client. 

Each attendee will meet 1-on-1 with representatives from 10-13 leading national sign companies for five minutes. National sign companies will recieve attendee company profiles prior to the meeting, so you can make the most of your time and get straight to business. (Pro Tip: Prep your elevator pitch before your meeting!)

Attendance is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

NOTE: Local Sign and Install Companies may only participate in one event per year to ensure opportunities for other local companies. Participants from February and August 2021 are not eligible to participate in the November event.

If you are a national sign company who would like to participate, contact Alicia Auerswald at [email protected].

HEAR FROM ACTUAL PARTICIPANTS on how valuable this event can be to your business!

Local Sign & Install Companies are saying…

  • "Very well organized start to finish, no glitches whatsoever in the flow! Terrific way to talk with multiple contacts face to face. 5 minutes forced us to get our message honed to precise details. (We needed some work in this area and we'll be better prepared for the next event) 😊" Susan (Cleveland, OH)
  • "We actually thought the virtual event was more personal than the in person event because you are one on one with the National Sign Company with no distractions." Chelsea (Ft. Myers, FL)
  • "Get to meet people without travel, well organized, well executed." Chris (London, UK)
  • "There is hardly any other opportunity for a local installer to reach this number of nationals in such a short span of time.  It is a high value opportunity with low cost and effort." Brad (Knoxville, TN)
  • "Thank you. We already received our first job from a new company that we met with during this event. It has already paid for itself in less than a weeks’ time.😊" Matt (Apopka, FL)
  • "Great way to meet new people and build connections in the industry." Amanda (Scott, LA)

National Sign Companies are saying…

  • "Nice to actually have a little of time allotted to meet with current of future partners in the comfort of our offices, or homes." Nancy, Senior Project Manager (Montreal, Quebec)
  • "The meet and greet virtually is so much better than the ISA in-person. Lets you get more of a 1 on 1 and really get in depth to who the companies are." Scott, Senior Project Manager (South Bend, IN)
  • "This is my second time attending this event and it is remarkable that they are able to still do such great events for existing and new members. It very well put together and allowed us to connect with existing and new Field Partners.  We were able to thank our valued partners and have discussions with new potential partners. " Nicole, Senior Vice President, Field Project Manager (Mentor, OH)
  • “Made 36 connections in 4 hours…most of whom seem great fits for our needs” Jimmy, President (Denver, CO)
  • "Good experience because you can do this in the comfort of your office and even though 5 minutes is not very long, you still get enough team for pertinent information and relationship building." Doug, Director of National Sales Services (Williamsburg, OH)
  • "The LINK was beneficial for me in multiple ways: I got to see and meet some of my local partners that I've never gotten to meet before. I learned that most of them cover much larger areas than we ever knew! I also was able to expand our network of local subs in some areas that we have not been able to for quite some time. Derek, Head of Project Management Operations (South Bend, IN)


Local sign company investment is $449/ISA members and $599/non-ISA members - an amount that could be easily recouped with one good conversation at this event!  At $45/$75 per meeting, it's less than a tank of gas!

Previous National Sign Company Participants 

Advance Sign Group, (ASG), Allen Industries, Arapahoe Sign Arts, Atlas Sign Group,  Bailiwick Services, Cummings Resources, Dualite Sales and Service,  Harbinger Sign Company, Identiti,  Persona, Philadelphia Sign Company, Ruggles Sign, Triangle Sign Services, Vixxo. (Subject to change and meetings are not guaranteed with specific or all national companies.)

Event Schedule

Time – ET Duration Item
10:45 am   Login
11:00 am 3 min Welcome, Tech Instructions
11:04 am - 12:02 pm 50 min 1-1 Networking Meetings
12:03 pm - 12:07 pm 10 min Break
12:08 pm - 1:00 pm 50 min 1-1 Networking Meetings
1:01 pm - 1:30 pm 30 min Open Networking - Not Required


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