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NEC Code-Making Panels

For many years, ISA’s experts have represented the sign, graphics and visual communications industry on the code-making panels that oversee these electric sign standards. ISA has representation on Code-Making Panel 18 which oversees NEC Article 600.

The National Electric Code is a massive 800+ page document that must be reviewed and amended every three years. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established a large roster of Technical Committee Members to review and vote on the more than 5,000 amendment proposals relevant to specific sections of the National Electric Code.

Code-Making Panel 18 consists of twelve “principal” members and seven “alternate” members representing a variety of stakeholders (including enforcing authorities, installer/maintainers, labor, manufacturers, research/testing laboratories, users, utilities, etc.)

ISA and individual members of the ISA Electrical Codes & Standards Committee have submitted numerous proposals for consideration during the 2020 National Electric Code cycle.

ISA’s involvement keeps the sign industry’s best interests in mind—smoothing out challenges to improve the codes thereby speeding up work by preventing hassles for the industry.

In 2018, ISA will participate on two code-making panels:

First Draft Meeting – January 15-17, 2018
Second Draft Meeting – two weeks ending November 3, 2018



Contact Kenny Peskin  to discuss a concern for ISA to address with a code-making panels.