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Reed’s Impact on the Sign Industry

While the broad impact of Reed v. Town of Gilbert is still being determined (and likely will for years to come), it immediately caused most communities in America to re-evaluate their sign codes to make sure they are constitutionally-compliant.

Reed v. Town of Gilbert has created opportunities for sign, graphics and visual communications companies, planners and local officials and ISA to work closely together.


ISA has developed a number of resources to help further understanding about the impact of the Reed decision on temporary signs.

The State of Sign Codes after Reed v. Town of Gilbert, by Alan Weinstein, a national noted planning law expert, breaks down the effects of the regulation on the sign, graphics and visual communications industry.

And ISA’s David Hickey, vice president of government relations, provides his own analysis on how the decision impacts the sign and graphics industry.


The Reed case isn’t just about temporary signs, it has implications for every kind of sign made available by our industry.

For example, several state and lower federal court cases have since arisen involving the issue of whether the on-premise vs. off-premise distinction is a content-based regulation. This could affect how local governments regulate digital signs, like electronic message centers (EMCs).