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ISA Launches New Service to Help Sign Companies Pursue Variances

Imagine a sign that can’t be installed because the local code doesn’t allow it. A sign, graphics and visual communications company, which doesn’t have the expertise or time to pursue a variance, could lose tens of thousands or more in business. And the sign buyer is forced to have a sign that doesn’t fully meet their needs.


This happens daily across the country. That’s why the International Sign Association has launched a new fee-based service to help sign companies pursue variances at the local level. The new service will be provided by ISA’s advocacy team, which has worked with thousands of local officials in hundreds of local jurisdictions.

Companies wishing to explore the service can schedule a free discovery call during which ISA’s advocacy experts will go over all the details of the specific situation and decide with the sign company how to move forward.


“Winning a variance can mean the difference in whether the sign is built in the first place, or whether the sign accomplishes all that the customer wanted,” said David Hickey, ISA’s vice president of advocacy. “Obviously, this has a big impact on a sign company’s bottom line. Yet many sign companies simply cannot navigate the vast government bureaucracies to pursue variances. By offering this service, ISA is there to help sign, graphics and visual communications companies grow their businesses while delivering successful signs to their clients.”


ISA’s Advocacy team consists of James Carpentier, ISA’s Director of State & Local Government Affairs, and Kenny Peskin, ISA’s Director of Industry Programs. Carpentier, a certified planner by trade, is able to connect directly with local officials and has extensive experience obtaining variances for sign companies, including his time before joining ISA as a consultant. Peskin grew up in the sign industry and knows how signs can be visible and effective.


Those wishing to learn more about ISA’s variance service, or to schedule a free discovery call, can email