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ISA-UK, Powered by BSGA

International Sign Association UK signage

The International Sign Association announces its newest partnership, ISA-UK, powered by The British Sign & Graphics Association. ISA-UK will allow ISA and BSGA to work together on issues common across the sign, graphics and visual communications industry, including codes and regulations, research, workforce education and events.

“The new relationship provides a common voice for the sign industry on both sides of the Atlantic,” said Brandon Hensley, ISA’s chief operating officer. “When the global sign, graphics and visual communication industry comes together, it allows us to provide stronger programs to our members and to stay ahead of trends that are happening worldwide.”

ISA will immediately support BSGA’s annual British Sign Awards, held November 8 in Leicester, UK. The awards honor everything from traditional crafts skills to the production of giant signs that combine creative design with heavy engineering and construction skill.

“While some of the nuances of the UK and US may be different, as we have held conversations, we realize just how many of the same issues we face,” said David Catanach, BSGA Director. “Together we can maximize our strengths and increase the success and growth of our member companies.”

Over the coming months ISA and BSGA will work together to maximize the value proposition to both assocaitions’ members. ISA’s education platform will be enhanced to meet the needs of BSGA members. The new joint venture will focus on increasing education to the planner community and leveraging existing research, as well as exploring other needs of the global sign industry.

“This is an exciting move for ISA and for BSGA,” said Lori Anderson, ISA president and CEO. “The business world is no longer contained by borders and this partnership offers tremendous opportunities for the growth of our industry. Together, we are stronger.”

About BSGA

The British Sign & Graphics Association (BSGA) dates back more than 80 years with the aim of promoting the UK sign industry and defending its interests. Learn more at www.bsga.co.uk/.