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Program Committees / Subcommittees, Task Forces & Advisory Groups

As a trade association for the sign, graphics and visual communications industry, ISA is guided by the feedback and insight offered by industry volunteers. These industry thought leaders represent all aspects of the industry and assist ISA in driving programs and services for the industry.

Program Committees / Subcommittees

Public Affairs Committee: Responsible for facilitating information and communication among all public policy and technology related subcommittees and task forces. Committee is made up of the chairman of each of the task forces noted below, as well as additional subject matter experts. The committee also is responsible for oversight of development of official industry position statements and for reviewing board-level motions passed by the subcommittees or task forces.

  • ADA and Building Codes Subcommittee: This Subcommittee assesses potential regulatory changes regarding the A117.1 Accessible Building Standard, the International Building Code and other standards related to signs and construction.
  • Digital Signage Subcommittee: Responsible for recommending ISA policies and positions regarding the regulation of digital signs and assists with developing grassroots and educational tools on digital signs.
  • Electrical Codes & Standards Subcommittee: Responsible for all sign related electrical issues, including electrical codes and standards.
  • Planner Outreach Subcommittee: Provides guidance to ISA on efforts to engage, educate and partner with planners.


ISA CONVERGE Committee: Provides input to ISA for the format and content of ISA CONVERGE.

ISA/SRF Education Committee: Joint ISA/SRF committee to provide guidance on projects and goals for education initiatives and content strategy.

Advisory Boards

Franchisor Advisory Task Force: Evaluates opportunities for greater involvement in ISA and recommending ways for ISA to best serve and represent franchisees.

Trade Show Advisory Board: Provides long-term strategic guidance to the ISA staff regarding the ISA International Sign Expo from the perspective of ISA Sign Expo exhibitors.

Task Forces & Working Groups

ISA Elite Experiences & Engagement Task Force: Provides feedback and guidance on improving ISA’s outreach to young sign and graphics professionals.

ISA International Wrap Task Force: Responsible for evaluating opportunities for greater involvement by the wrap community in ISA and recommending potential organizational structures to encourage wrap engagement and representation.

National and Local Sign Company Install Task Force: Provides guidance for ISA Staff on events, resources, and trainings that would help foster the relationships with and communications between national sign companies and local sign/install companies.

Size & Scope of the Industry Task Force: Provides guidance and recommendations on the development of the Size & Scope of the U.S. Sign Industry study, as well as the dissemination of the data.

Women Leading the Industry Task Force: Provides feedback, guidance, and recommendations on the Women Leading the Industry initiative by identifying and examining ways ISA can inspire and empower women in the sign, graphics and visual communications industry through resources, education, networking, and additional opportunities.