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ISA Board of Directors Named for 2024

A diverse group of volunteers will make up the International Sign Association’s board of directors for 2024, leading the association in its goals of more targeted B2B networking opportunities, more education opportunities and a bigger-than-ever ISA International Sign Expo 2024.

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Neon Blues on Beale Street

Beale Street is renowned for its neon signs luring tourists into its many bars and restaurants. Now the street has two neon gateway arches which brand the community as a blues destination. Installed in February 2018, the archway has since garnered nearly one million impressions via photos, videos and comments on social media, raising awareness of Beale Street even more.

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A Glimpse into Japanese Signs

ISA communications manager, Catherine Davis, recently traveled to Japan where she captured some images of signage in the subway, streets and shopping lanes. Digital signs were often seamlessly incorporated into a building’s on-premise signage and were frequently integrated into transportation wayfinding signs.

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ISA Sign Expo: Dare to be Different

The larger-than-ever ISA International Sign Expo trade show floor offers more bigger and better education and networking opportunities. Get that event on the books by registering now.

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