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10 Hottest Industry Stories of 2018

There were some unexpected and some highly anticipated news stories in 2018. Here are the industry stories you read the most in ISA’s Industry Tracker in 2018:

1. An actual-size print of the Titanic ship that tragically sank on its maiden voyage promotes a new exhibition at the National Geographic Museum.

2. Eleven-foot tall Sasquatch surrounded by a green “forest” wall welcomes customers to a Los Angeles coffee shop.

3. Rap artist is thrilled with the final result of his new “single wide trailer,” brought to life by WrapArtist.

4. Is the typo on the Cathay Pacific jet a reminder to double-check one’s work or a promotional tool for the airline?

5. NLRB reverses itself on franchise ruling. It means that an Obama-era rule is making franchisors and companies responsible for franchisees and subcontractors.

6. Watchfire Signs offers tips on preparing a digital sign for a hurricane.

7. Chicago debuts largest digital art projection mapping in the world.

8. Andesign, a UK-based large format printer, uses a 3D printer to produce an 11-foot elephant head, which is positioned as if it is smashing through the wall of the company’s offices.

9. Airport signs and symbols may see some standardization of terms and icons.

10. ACLU files suit over Holyoke, MA’s sign ordinance, which it says violates the First Amendment. The community bans temporary signs for a three-month period each year.

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