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Online Employee Education Resources

With social distancing and employees working from home, now can be a time to focus on learning and building new skills. Learning and education is always important and during this time it is a great way for companies to enhance and grow the skills of their employees while keeping them active and engaged.

Professional development doesn’t have to be put on hold. ISA has a wide variety of white papers, webinars and online learning courses to help you and your employees expand your knowledge.

More than 70 online learning courses start at $25 each, or you can choose to train your entire team for one flat rate with a Company Package.

Employees who take online learning courses can earn digital badges showing their expertise in a variety of topic areas, which easily shared online, on social media or in your professional networks. Those employees who pass more than 70% of available subject area badges can also earn the Sign Industry Professional badge!

Digital badges and having employees with the Sign Industry Professional badge could give your company a virtual edge as more customers are turning to social media and other virtual connections.

Learn more about employee training and education at signs.org/online.