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International Sign Association (ISA) Offers Web-based Learning to Help Sign Professionals Comply with New EPA Rules

International Sign Association (ISA) Offers Web-based Learning to Help Sign Professionals Comply with New EPA Rules

Alexandria, VA – July 14, 2010

The International Sign Association is offering a series of online training courses related to the EPA’s new standards to reduce hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Though the EPA rules apply broadly to numerous industries, the sign industry is impacted in three areas: paint stripping operations that use methyl chloride; surface coating of plastic and metal substrates using spray applications of certain HAPs; and spray applications to mobile vehicles and mobile equipment.

ISA member facilities that spray apply coatings on metal or plastic materials must offer hands-on training to all spray gun operators to be in compliance with the regulations. The International Sign Association has partnered with GRC-Pirk Management to conduct an interactive, online training program that is tailored to local regulatory requirements.

The courses will be conducted via webinars and will include:

Spray gun equipment selection, set up, and operation, including measuring coating viscosity; selecting the proper fluid tip or nozzle; and achieving the proper spray pattern, air pressure, volume, and fluid delivery rate.
Spray technique for different types of coatings to improve transfer efficiency and minimize coating usage and overspray, including maintaining the correct spray gun distance and angle to the part, using proper banding and overlap, and reducing lead and lag spraying at the beginning and end of each stroke.
Routine spray booth and filter maintenance, including filter selection and installation.
Environmental compliance.

“These webinars offer a convenient and cost-effective solution to meet our members’ training needs,” said ISA President and CEO Lori Anderson. “The same comprehensive training that is offered onsite is available from the comfort of the office or shop, without incurring costly travel expenses.”

Tuition to the webinars will be on a per-person basis and will begin July 28th. The trainings will be offered several more times before the end of the year in order to ensure compliance by all ISA members.

In addition, ISA will offer two informational webinars, July 15 and October 7, to provide an overview of the new EPA regulations and what its members must do to be in compliance, including which equipment and chemicals are affected and what record-keeping and reporting is required. This course is free for all industry stakeholders. Visit www.signs.org to learn more or to register.

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