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Photo Courtesy of DCL (Fabricator), Design by Poulin+Morris
Photo Courtesy of DCL (Fabricator), Design by Poulin+Morris

International Sign Association Updates Certification Training in Response to New OSHA Crane Rules

Posted: 11/02/2010

International Sign Association Updates Certification Training in Response to New OSHA Crane Rules

Alexandria, VA - November 2, 2010 --

The International Sign Association will begin offering a new Mobile Crane Operator Safety Certification Training program beginning in January. ISA also has partnered with The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), which has agreed to administer tests the day following the completion of training. The tests will be held in the same location as the training.

The training program and certification testing will allow companies to comply with new requirements in OSHA’s Cranes and Derricks in Construction Rule 29 CFR Part 1926. Among other initiatives, the OSHA rules mandate that every crane operator be certified within four years, and also require employers to pay for certification training. Types of equipment covered under the new rule include any piece having a maximum (rated) capacity greater than 2,000 lbs. and used to hoist, lower, or horizontally move a load. For the sign industry specifically, this is most likely a mobile truck crane or articulating crane. Power shovels, excavators, and backhoes are specifically excluded.

“We’ve updated our existing program to ensure that those in the sign industry can quickly become compliant with this new rule,” said Tracey Cook, ISA Director of Education and Communication. “Our industry has been highly interested in ensuring that their crane operators are well trained and that they meet the certification requirements. Since the final rule published in late summer, we’ve had more than 700 requests for training and consequently, we will be hosting training sessions throughout the country.”

ISA will announce a comprehensive schedule of classes for 2011 in early November; the schedule will be posted on the ISA website, The first course, scheduled for Chicago in January, is sold out. In addition to the courses offered throughout the country, the certification program also will be available at International Sign Expo, held April 27-30 in Las Vegas. Registration for this session will be available soon as well.

“The Mobile Crane Operator Safety Certification Training offered by ISA is extremely important to those in the sign industry,” said Troy Crocker, Chairman of the ISA Board of Directors. “Not only will this help sign companies stay compliant with new federal laws, but also can help a company save on insurance costs, and most importantly protect workers at the jobsite. I encourage anyone whose employees operate this type of equipment to pursue this valuable training.”

Training fees are $349 for ISA members and $549 for non-members. Non-members who register and complete the program will receive one year of ISA membership with their paid registration. In addition, certification fees are $195 for the written exam and $60 for the practical exam.
The new OSHA rules come after more than a decade of development and mark the first significant overhaul of crane and derrick operation standards since 1971. They are designed to address the four main causes of worker death and injury: electrocution, crushed by parts of the equipment, struck-by the equipment/load, and falls.

In addition to preventing injuries on the jobsite, certification also may bring a reduction in Workers’ Compensation costs. Companies should check with their insurance providers to determine if they qualify.

Educational offerings for the sign industry are just one component of ISA, which also offers advocacy and networking initiatives.