Questions To Ask A Potential Sign Partner


Most sign companies will be able to handle all of the tasks below, though some smaller companies may specialize in one or two of these. In that case, they likely will be able to recommend a team to complete all of the remaining tasks.


If you don’t have a logo and font yet, a sign company’s design artists may be able to create them for you. While logo design provides a terrific head start on getting a sign put together, sign design encompasses much more.

In the case of new construction, the overall sign design should be considered as part of the architecture of the building.

If you are working with an existing building, sign design will assess traffic volumes and visibility for the best placement.

Ideally, your sign will also convey something about your business and enhance your brand.


As with any type of construction, signage typically requires permitting, and in some cases, electrification. A sign company should be able to provide plans and work with local officials to gather the necessary permits and understand local regulations as it relates to signage.


You want a sign that is built to last, easy to maintain and conforms to all local and national codes and standards. Ask your sign company for a list of signs it has installed in the area and visit them in person.

These questions will help determine the manufacturing quality of the sign company that you’re considering hiring:

  • How well maintained are they?
  • How visible are they from the street.
  • How readable are the signs themselves?


Signs are not typically a do-it-yourself project (unless you’re only adding a handful of simple interior signs.) Here are some questions to ask a potential partner:

  • Does the company offer installation as part of its services?
  • Does the company include the necessary specialized equipment?
  • Is safety an important component of their service?
  • Is the company licensed for the job and does it have all necessary insurance?


A sign is your business calling card and, as such, it should be in good working order at all times., In many cases, it is the first impression that you’ll make with your customers. These are critical components of your overall sign plan, so make sure you ask:

  • Does your sign company offer routine maintenance plans?
  • Are the signs engineered for efficient, economical maintenance?

General Questions

Whether the sign you need is simple or complex, hiring the right sign company is critical in ensuring that you get the best product at the best price. When meeting with a potential sign partner, you’ll want to ask:

  • What types of signage are available at your sign shop?
  • What specific services do you offer related to the sign process?
  • What steps are involved in creating the sign I want, and what is the typical time frame involved?
  • Do you allow visits into your plants so I can see the operation?
  • What type of sign(s) do you recommend for my business and why?
  • How much experience do you have in manufacturing the type of sign that I want or that you are recommending?
  • Are you a licensed contractor? If so, would you please provide the license number?
  • Are you fully insured, including worker’s compensation? Will you provide a current copy of your insurance?
  • Will you install the sign in-house, or hire a contractor? If you’ll hire someone else, can I check his or her references and verify license and insurance ahead of time?
  • Do you strictly adhere to accepted building structural requirements?
  • Are your products UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed? If not, are they listed with another Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRLT)?
  • What sort of documentation can you provide if I pursue LEED certification on my building?
  • How much maintenance is involved in this type of sign and what maintenance plans do you offer?
  • How are payments structured? Do you offering financing?
  • What information do you need to begin?
  • Where can I see this type of sign locally?
  • Can you provide the names and contacts for some of your customers


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