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Photo Courtesy of Cummings Resources
Photo Courtesy of Cummings Resources

Factors of Sign Effectiveness

A great sign leads to long-term success

Every major chain that exists today started out as a small business. These major chains realized early the power of great signs and graphics. It built their brand and evolved as they grew. Even McDonalds started out as a one-location burger place, and now we have the Golden Arches all over the world. You too have the potential to be a major player in your community and beyond. But, it all starts with a great sign.

What makes a sign effective?

At 55 miles per hour, a sign viewer travels 80 feet per second. The more visible and readable a sign is from a distance, the longer the viewing time—and the better the ability to make an impression.

Successful signage involves more than just creating an attractive arrangement of logos and slogans. It is a blending of complex elements such as materials, lighting elements, placement, typography and size of the sign elements. In addition, it’s an understanding of location, marketplace and demographics. Complicating this task is the fact that your potential customer is usually moving and the sign must be seen, read and understood in an instant.

The Sign Research Foundation offers great resources to help guide you: