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Source: North American Signs
Photo Courtesy of North American Signs

Join Local Sign Association(s)

There are 17 ISA Affiliated Associations serving the US and Canada. Local custom sign companies first join an ISA Affiliated Association and once they join them, their membership with ISA is included for free. Please view the list below to determine which Affiliated Association services your state/region.

Arizona Sign Association (ASA)
Patti King, Executive Director
State: Arizona

California Sign Association (CSA)
Roy Flahive, Executive Director
State: California

Colorado Sign Association (CSA)
Patti King, Executive Director
State: Colorado

Illinois Sign Association (ISA)
Russ Salzman, Executive Director
State: Illinois

Mid-South Sign Association (MSSA)
Karen Warr, Executive Director
States: Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee

Midwest Sign Association (MSA)
Dee Scott, Executive Director
States: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Minnesota Sign Association (MSA)
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State: Minnesota

Nevada Sign Association (NSA)
Patti King, Executive Director
State: Nevada

Northeast States Sign Association (NSSA)
Jean Gavigan, Executive Director
States: Connecticut, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, Greater Washington, D.C., Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont

Northwest Sign Council (NWSC)
Patti King, Executive Director
States: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming

Sign Association of Canada (SAC)
Karin Eaton, Executive Director
Provinces: All provinces and territories within Canada

Southern States Sign Association (SSSA)
Christina Welty, Executive Director
States: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

Texas Sign Association (TSA)
Leona Stabler, Executive Director
State: Texas

Tri-State Sign Association (TSSA)
Rex Montgomery, Executive Director
States: Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma

Utah Sign Association (USA)
Patti King, Executive Director
State: Utah

Virginia Sign Association (VASA)
Marie Queen, Executive Director:
State: Virginia

Wisconsin Sign Association (WSA)
Chris Ruditys, Executive Director
State: Wisconsin

Related Associations

Western States Sign Council (WSSC)
Brian Baker, President
States: Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah