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Panel Discussion #1 - 2021 Successes/Challenges

John Duever High Quality

John Deuver, President at Vinyl Images and Design, LLC

John Duever has been in the adhesive backed advertising industry for over 20 years.  Since 2002 he has been a partner at Vinyl Images and Design in St. Louis, Missouri. Vinyl Images and Design has a team of 20 people in their 27,000 square foot World headquarters.  John became an Avery Dennison wrap instructor in 2017.  He is the host of The WrapIQ Podcast and owns a business specializing in coaching and consulting in the wrap/PPF/tint industries.

Michael Althoff High Quality

Michael Althoff, Owner of Yellotools

As an entrepreneur in global businesses, more than 13 years ago Michael found his recipe for success in LEAN with employees to prepare for the growing challenges of a global world and to relieve the omnipresent pressure from day-to-day business. The international prizes and awards for himself and his company, Yellotools, show that he is exactly right with this concept. In 2019 he was awarded the "LUDWIG" for special entrepreneurial performance.

Marcelo Souss High Quality

Marcelo Souss, Founder of Alltak Tuning

Marcelo is the founder and CEO of Alltak Tuning in Brazil.

Karl Engel High Quality

Karl Engel, VP of Sales at Fellers

Kar is the current VP of Sales for Fellers. He has over 30 years experience in the Sign Industry with Fellers.

Panel Discussion #2 -  Int’l Wrap Task Force

Tim Evans High Quality

Tim Evans, Founder of

Tim Evans is a 30+ year veteran of the sign and graphics industry.  Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio USA Tim has witnessed the craft grow from traditional hand-lettered signage through the tech explosion and into the full color  amazing graphics industry it is today.  Tim enjoys the daily challenges of being an owner of two successful wrap shops based in Columbus, OH as well as being a highly active promoter of the print & wrap industry around the globe.

Nick Caminiti High Quality

Nick Camniti, Owner of Exotic Graphix

Nick Caminiti is the founder of Exotic Graphix, which was established in 2008. The company has grown throughout the years which now has adapted to the fast moving trends of the industry. Early in the piece Exotic were known for their custom Restyling and one off jobs. As the years progressed they evolved with the Technology/Equipment that was available and grew their team to handle larger fleet work while still staying true to the original vision when they started to create unique out of the box projects.

Bruno Dede High Quality

Bruno Dede, C.E.O & President of Metro Signs Inc.

Krystal M High Quality

Krystal Miszewski, Owner of Candy Wraps LLC

After spending nearly a decade as a freelance installer in over 150 shops across the world, Krystal recognizes the vital connection between shops and installers requiring clear communication, understanding and an overall passion for what we do in this industry. Member of the ISA International Wrap Task Force. 

Alexandra Lund High Quality

Alexandra Lund, Co-Founder at Bismarck Sign Co

Alexandra Lund is a Co-Founder and Visionary for Bismarck Sign Co. She has over a decade of wrap experience in addition to 15 years working in the sign industry. Her passion is helping businesses create brand awareness via effectively designed signs and commercial fleet wraps. From vehicles to walls and even things as simple as elevator doors, Alex sees the the potential for powerful advertising around every corner.

Destiny Conley High Quality

Destiney Conley, Business Development at Vinyl Images & Design LLC

Destiney started Vinyl Images with her brothers in 2001 and quickly realized early-stage entrepreneurship is anything but transparent, and that numbers are scary. Her position as CFO is to enforce correct accounting methods. This business was no ordinary small startup; it was created by three fiercely competitive members with little to  no resources, driven by passion, creativity, and Windows 95. 

Panel Discussion #3 - Supply Chain Disruption

Chris Ankawi High Quality

Chris Ankawi, President at Metro Restyling

Chris is the owner of Metro Restyling, one of the largest online Vinyl Wrap Supply companies.

Mariana Rodriguez High Quality

Mariana Rodriguez, Senior Director and General Manager of Graphics Solutions North America at Avery Dennison

Mariana Rodriguez is the General Manager for the Graphics Solutions business in North America at Avery Dennison. She is an experienced multifaceted leader with over 20 years of experience working in the manufacturing and retail segments in different countries. She has worked at Avery Dennison for over 15 years and has held leadership roles in Procurement, Supply Chain, Operations, Business Development and Marketing.

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