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Industry News

"Worst is Behind Us": Economic Report Q2 2020


The outlook for 2020 continues to decline, despite a sharp rebound in the economy earlier this summer, according to the Sign Industry Quarterly Economic Report for the second quarter. The report shows that the recession was short-lived and will have less of an impact on 2021 than expected. Read More »

SRF Updates Urban Wayfinding Manual


The Sign Research Foundation's Urban Wayfinding Planning and Implementation Manual has been updated with the latest trends and information. The guide was last published in 2013 and wayfinding has only grown in popularity and use since then. Read More »

ISA Webinars: Coming up next


Three ISA webinars next week cover lessons learned from UL regulators, the industry's economic outlook, and the economic outlook for the retail sector. Read More »

Stotmeister Receives Distinguished Service Award


Kevin Stotmeister, former president and CEO of Federal Heath, has been named the recipient of the 2020 Kirk L. Brimley Distinguished Service Award. The International Sign Association presents the award each year to a leader who has made significant contributions to the sign, graphics and visual communications industry. Read More »

U-Haul Honors Sign Legend Francis T. Wolfe


Wolfe worked at Pearson's Sign in Tucson, AZ for decades and worked with U-Haul on some of its iconic signage. He was also involved in and a member of the Arizona Sign Association from its beginning in 1958. Read More »

Leader as Coach, Mastering Social Media [New Courses]


Two new ISA online learning courses are part of the 80 online and self-paced learning courses available for sign, graphics and visual communications professionals. Are you ready to take advantage of these new courses? Read More »

Time Management and the Challenges of Selling From Home


In this fast-paced and highly informative webinar, Bill shares his tips and details 5 steps to follow. Gain instantly-applicable ideas to increase your sales without increasing the length of your work week. Read More »

Protecting Your Business: Cybersecurity Webinar


Manufacturers of all sizes and industry are the targets of cyberattacks. Cyber criminals are organized and know how to mimic your business operations to slip in undetected to obtain valuable confidential information, steal funds or shut down operations. What’s more, criminals use chaos as camouflage and take advantage of the fallout from events like Covid-19. Read More »

Managing Culture in a Time of Crisis [Webinar]


Join Thursday's webinar to avoid the negative long-term impact of that oversight, culture work needs to continue in the background, to keep momentum without distracting from the crisis Read More »

OSHA Increases Inspections, Record-Keeping Requirements


OSHA has reversed course on an important aspect of COVID-19 and now labels COVID-19 as a recordable illness, if it meets one of these three criteria. Read More »