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Teams will showcase the craft of sign building as they face off in the ISA Fabrication Experience, a new feature at ISA International Sign Expo 2022. Read More »

Steering Committees to Guide ISA BOD


These committees, which represent the three main segments of ISA membership, provide strategic insight and on-the-ground experiences to ensure that ISA and its board develop programs most needed by its members. Read More »

ISA Board of Directors 2022 Announced


Members of the 2022 board of directors of the International Sign Association are all distinguished leaders within their own companies who are volunteering their time to guide ISA and the industry. Read More »

Now Available: Wage & Benefits Report


At a time when hiring and retaining employees is paramount to the success of sign, graphics and visual communications companies, ensuring that salaries are on par can be a key differentiator. Read More »

Signs of Economic Improvement


Most sectors of the sign and graphics industry are looking on par or slightly better for 2022, according to the Sign Industry Quarterly Economic Report, produced by IHS Markit for the International Sign Association. Read More »

COVID-19 Safety in the Sign & Graphics Workplace


The US Supreme Court recently stopped the OSHA vaccination mandate for larger businesses, but there are still many federal and state government regulations regarding COVID-19 safety that can affect your sign & graphics company, no matter how many employees you have. Read More »

5G, FCC and Interference with the Digital Spectrum


Recent news about airlines having trouble dealing with 5G wireless rollout is a good reminder of the issue of interference with the digital spectrum. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has regulations for outdoor digital signs because they can interfere with commercial and public wireless devices. Read More »

Register Now for ISA SIGN EXPO 2022 IN ATLANTA


The sign, graphics and visual communications industry returns to in-person buying, education and networking for the first time in three years at ISA International Sign Expo® 2022. Registration is now open for the event, which is May 4-6, 2022, in Atlanta, GA. Read More »

Technical Committee Involvement Benefits Industry


Did you know that the International Sign Association often collaborates with federal agencies, technical regulators and codemaking bodies to develop positive codes that benefit the industry? Read More »

Sign Industry Quarterly Economic Report - Q4 2021


This webinar on January 19 will review the key findings of the report and provide an overview of U.S. and global macroeconomic trends. Read More »