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Photo Courtesy of Poblocki Sign Company LLC
Photo Courtesy of Poblocki Sign Company LLC

UL-Sign Industry Business Panel

In response to changes made in the UL certification program back in 2008, ISA and other sign industry associations joined UL in establishing a working group to discuss issues facing the industry and proposed changes to UL procedures.

Since that time, ISA has regularly met with key Lighting and Field Services staff at UL’s Northbrook, IL headquarters.

The ULSIBP mission statement reads:

"The UL Sign Industry Business Panel works collaboratively to foster open, proactive communication between UL and the North American sign associations (ISA, USSC and WSA) resulting in industry standards, education and certification programs that keep pace with codes and technology, bring value to the market, and are equally and consistently applied."

For more information about the ULSIBP, please contact ISA’s Kenny Peskin.